Friday, February 15, 2008

I love you, I think.

You may have wondered if they celebrate Valentine's Day in Poland...and the answer is "yes", especially among the young.

Dean bought me flowers and chocolates....just like at home.

And he got a new pair of gloves to replace the ones he lost. As you can see I even found a card in English wishing him Happy Valentine's Day.

He found a beautiful card for me too, but it was
written in Polish! So, I spent the morning reading
the card and the dictionary. I think he loves me too.


jen prokhorov said...

that's really funny mom. i'm laughing out loud (which i don't do THAT often).

JaneH said...

Flowers and Candy - Thats understood in any language. Love is in the air.

the Kennedy family said...

too cute. i'm glad to know they celebrate it over there, too. save those cards, they will be fun to remember.