Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March has arrived!   We've seen lots of snow the last month, but have enjoyed a few pleasant and warm days too, so there is hope for spring to come eventually.

Last week was fun and eventful.  We had a lovely visit from Lorene Beckstead all the way from Los Alamos, New Mexico!  She brought along her son, Michael, his wife Annie and their 3 children, as well as Chris and Mavis Stevenson.  Michael lives in Philadelphia and his oldest daughter is turning 8 and was baptized last weekend.  So, all the family that gathered for that event came up on Friday for a tour of the Visitor Center and the site.  It was so delightful to see friends and to be able to give them a tour.  What a treat for us!  

This past weekend we also held a training seminar at the site for all of the young sister missionaries that will be serving with us this summer.  Starting in April, all of them will be assigned to the site full-time.  So the three days they were here went by in a blur of classes, practice tours, meals and singing.  We love them all and look forward to having their energy here with us at the Priesthood Restoration visitor center.

Aren't they beautiful???

But, a little bit crazy!!!

                                                                       Valentine's Day did not go by unobserved. 
 There were flowers, chocolates, cards a dinner 
out at Texas Roadhouse in Binghamton, New York.  

Here is Elder Banner aka Dean on a tour outside of the Isaac Hale home.
 We love and miss our family and friends, but feel so blessed to be here on our mission.  We have the opportunity to walk on sacred ground each day.  Come and see for yourself.

This has been dubbed "Emma's Spring".  It's a natural spring near Joseph and Emma's home that feeds into the Susquehanna River.

Pennsylvanians have a fun sense of humor.  We pass this sign on our
 drive from our home to the visitor center every day.  😆

Something to think about....