Friday, February 8, 2008

Another Place and Time

Sometimes, I look around
and I
feel like perhaps
I'm living
in another
place and time.

I wonder what it might have
been like to live
behind stone walls...

...or take a romantic ride
in a horse-drawn

I can almost hear
Chopin's melancholy
Polonaises sifting
through the branches
of the trees.

But, then I turn around and see that some things remain the same through the ages in every place and time.


JaneH said...

I love the old buildings of Europe.
What a great experience to be their and enjoy all. I haven't heard "Polonaises" in years. It certionally fits in with the country.

Lindsay Van Orden said...

what great pics mom! you don't get those moments quite as often in the states where the history is only a couple hundred years deep. pretty dang cool.

jen prokhorov said...

europe is so unique that way--so beautiful and so romantic. you are so lucky!