Friday, February 29, 2008

Day of the Dead

Perhaps its because of the
massive loss of life during the wars, but Poland goes to great lengths to honor their dead.

In October, an official holiday honoring the dead is declared and the cemetaries are filled to overflowing with people lighting candles and placing flowers on the graves. By evening, when the sun goes down, the sky is lit up with an eerie glow from the flickering candles. No grave is ignored or forgotten. These pictures were taken at the
Warsaw Uprising Cemeterywhere thousands of civilians, women and children were killed and thrown into mass graves. A sight we will always remember.


jen prokhorov said...

amazing. what pictures. i could imagine the fire crews get a lot of work that day. kind of like 4th of july.

JaneH said...

The Polish people have suffered thru a lot. What a way for them to honor their heritage.