Friday, February 22, 2008

Dinner With the Zlewki's

We finally got invited to dinner. Our new friends, the Zlewki's invited us over to their home on the 3rd floor of this building for an official Polish meal. Ninety per cent of the people live in a building very similar to this one.

Maya, their 15 year old daughter was busy in the
kitchen when we arrived. She was the first child in
Poland who was born under the covenant.

Dinner was elegantly served in the dinning room/living room.

As you can see, there was no shortage of food. They served American food(salmon, rice and tossed salad), and Polish food (hamburgers, cucumber soup, beets, and mashed potatoes). It was delicious!

And what did I contribute? Brownies! They love the way Americans make brownies! It was a wonderful evening, we hope to return the favor by taking them to dinner soon. Food can cross cultural boundaries and make language differences barely noticeable. We adore our new Polish friends.


the Kennedy family said...

mmmmm, sounds like a yummy dinner. what a cool thing to get to know people like that on your mission.

jen prokhorov said...

getting into the members homes really does make some of the most memorable moments of a mission. i hope there will be many more! you deserve to be fed a lot of meals, with all the feeding you do!