Monday, February 2, 2009

Mixed Messages

This past week we traveled hundreds of
kilometers throughout Poland
training the missionaries here to be
facilitators for a "Stop Smoking" program.
Poland is filled with people lighting up
on the street corners, at the bus stops
and standing out on their
balconies in frigid temperatures.
I'm personally convinced that the
gray cloud that covers the city is
from cigarette smoke,
not coal or wood burning stoves.
It's a huge issue here.

Most people say they want to quit.
But, when I saw this in our
hotel room this week,

I couldn't help but laugh
at the mixed message.

Does it strike you as a bit confusing too?

1 comment:

Carie said...

Hello Banners! I found your blog in never ending blog land. Who would have thought I would find you guys all the way in Poland. Sounds like your doing good and having a great time doing it. You will have to check out ours and see what an eventful Sunday we just had. Love you guys! The Fordham's