Saturday, February 28, 2009

Be Prepared!

Elder Edmunds recently had a serious accident. He fell through a glass door while exercising in his apartment. Here he's showing curious fans his pictures of the nasty gash in his leg and describing the 40 stitches that were required to sew him back together. It was not a pretty sight and he has spent the last month hobbling around on crutches.
But, through this experience we all learned a valuable lesson. Always be prepared!
After the doctor finished cleaning out the glass and stitching up the wound in the hospital emergency room, it was determined that it would be best to keep him in the hospital overnight. Late that evening, Elder Edmunds found that he needed to use the bathroom, but when he tried to do so, he discovered that it had no toilet paper. He asked a nurse for some, but she said that she couldn't help him. He then asked another nurse and got the same response. He finally limped down to the nurse's station to see if he could get some help from them. It was at that point that they informed him that you're supposed to bring your own when you come to the hospital. Elder Edmunds explained that he didn't know that policy and that when he came into the hospital he was bleeding profusely and that toilet paper was not on his radar screen. He asked for just a couple of squares, but was told that he should call a friend to bring him some. After some talking and coercion they were finally generous enough to tear off a piece of paper from the examining table!
So...another lesson learned. Always keep some tissues or TP in your purse or in your pocket, you never know when you'll end up at the hospital and have need for it. The scout motto of "Be Prepared" has once again proven to be a truism.
Or better yet, just stay out of Polish hospitals.


LisAway said...

You are kidding. I cannot believe it. I mean, of course I can, I live here, but even in Mielec you don't have to bring your own TP to the hospital. What city was he in?

If you stay in the hospital in Poland you also have to be brought meals. They'll feed you three times a day but breakfast might be bread and a lump of jam (no knife to spread it with, either) and lunch is a plate of soggy noodles with some sticky apple concoction on it (very bad). There are no snacks or drinks. It's really bad.

Also, for the first year we lived in Poland we didn't have a car so we traveled to church by bus every Sunday. I was pregnant that year so I had to use the bathroom pretty much every time we stopped during the three hour drive (six hours round trip). The bus station bathrooms are (were) extremely disgusting and they have the lady that sits in the stinky little booth that you had to PAY to go to the bathroom. Also, if they had TP at all, it would be in the booth with the lady and either you would tear off what you thought you needed before you went or she would tear some off for you (in which case you might have to ask for a little more, please) Really awful.

JaneH said...

Another reason to say how blessed we are to live in the good old U.S.A.

christine said...

oh my goodness, that is the funniest thing ever! we were laughing so hard reading this. poor guy! well, now you know.

jen said...

but what in the world was he doing in his apartment to just "fall" through a glass door??