Friday, February 13, 2009

The "L"

In order to drive in Poland, you're required to take driving lessons and log many hours on the roads. This is really a wise thing, because they definitely have their own way of driving here. There are dozens and dozens of driving schools and I think that 20 of them are located within a 1 km radius of our apartment. We are always following one or two, or three down the stree. And there must be a rule that they can only drive at 20 km./hour. It's interesting to note that every car used by every school is a Toyota Yaris. I have no idea why that's the case-----Toyota seems to have a monopoly on the driving school cars in Poland.
The cars are also all obviously labeled with a large blue L on top. I'm so glad that I didn't have to announce to the whole world that I was a beginning driver (although I'm sure that my dad thought it was obvious to everyone anyway.)
We haven't figured out exactly what the L stands for---"Learner", "Lesson", "Loser", "Lame",
or maybe "Look out!"

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JaneH said...

To bad that some of those schools are not teaching in Moscow. Does Warsaw have as many cars on the road as Moscow does? Maybe the L stands for Lots of Luck.