Monday, March 9, 2009

5 Things to Love

As we approach the last few months of our mission,
I naturally start to reflect on this lovely
country and the many things that I've learned to
appreciate about it.
Today, I will share just 5 things
that I love and enjoy about Poland.

#1 Food presentation is elegant!
It doesn't matter how expensive the restaurant is
or isn't,
they take great pride in the way the food is presented on the plate.
You always feel like you are in the royal dining room---
much attention is paid to details
as you can see from these pictures.
The chefs are creative and each plate is a work of art.

#2 Flowers.
Perhaps because the skies are so often gray
and the buildings are drab,
the Polish people love their flowers.
All year long you will find these kiosks
set up with flowers for sale to brighten the landscape.
They are really quite cheap too!
A bouquet of nine daffodils only cost me 13 zlotys,
that's about $3.50.

We often bring some home to cheer up
our little apartment.

#3 Castles.
Imagination and fairy tales come to life
when you see the moat, the ramparts and the towers
of an ancient castle.
Your mind can't help but be transported back
hundreds of years to a different time and you wonder
what it might have been like to live in the age of knights and ladies.
We don't have anything like these at home.

#4 Cheese.
Europe has sooooooooooo many different kinds of cheeses.
It's actually a bit overwhelming to try and pick
one out when you go to the store. They're delicious.
You just want to grab a baguette, some fruit and
cheese and go and sit by the river and soak
up the scrumptious flavors and feel very European.

#5 Sunsets. Need I say more?


LisAway said...

I love these things, too! It's so true about the food presentation! Even at a cheap little roadside restaurant you get creatively cut decorative vegetables decorating the plate. I love it!

And the castles are the best. I'm especially a fan of ruins. Love 'em.

Amidei's said...

Sis...can't wait to spend hours pouring over your photo's and soaking up the culture vicariously!

Leslie Aldridge said...

I can't wait to see your food presentation on Thanksgiving! It will be at your house this year won't it? Actually it will just be great to have you guys back for all the family gatherings. Love and miss you.