Saturday, March 21, 2009

Collection Adam

The missionary "uniform" can become very tedious after a couple of years of wearing the same two suits and white shirts everyday. So to add some color to their ensembles, the Elders like to make a visit to
Collection Adam
to buy ties!
Mr. Adam produces and ships ties all over the world, but he loves the LDS missionaries and allows us to come right into the factory where he sells these beautiful ties at a fabulous price.

So ocassionally, on "P-day" we all head
south for a shopping trip.

Some missionaries have spent thousands of zlotys on kravats and have their own
"Collection Adam"
hanging in their closets.

We must confess to having added to Dean's tie collection too.

Mr. Adam appreciates the business so much
that he has even created special
white ties for use in the temple and embossed the
Warsaw, Poland Mission
name on the inside of the tie.

This pink and navy one is my personal favorite---
Dean thought it was a bit "much"
at first, but he humors me by wearing it any way.
What do you think?


LisAway said...

Love those ties. I think it's so cool that the missionaries have such a great connection with Adam. I LOVE the temple tie! That is so awesome!

JaneH said...

Love the Pink and Black tie. What a great thing for Mr. Adams to do for the missionaries. The temple tie will be quite a conversation piece back in the states.

jen said...

gettin a little crazy, dad!! :)

Jodi said...

Dean's really cuttin' loose in his ol'age, huh? Personally, that's my fav. Hmmm....wonder what dad will be getting for x-mas this year?

Love ya!

Doroteczka said...

that is so funny to see elder whipple:D haha anyway i love the adam's ties!;)
and i love you!