Monday, January 19, 2009

My Mini-Miracle

Last summer when we were in Gdansk with our friends,
the Crocks, we took the opportunity to buy some
amber jewelry.
Included in the purchase was a ring with three stones in it; each of a
different color of amber. I loved it because was representative
of the variety of beautiful colors of amber found here in Poland.

Some weeks later as we were driving out of Warsaw,
I looked down and noticed that one of the stones was missing!
I made a thorough search of the car and turned up nothing.
When we arrived home a couple of days later,
I also thoroughly searched my luggage,
my make-up bag and the apartment
Still nothing.
So, I had to conclude that it was lost.
After all, it could have fallen out anywhere!

A month or six weeks later when were in our hotel in Zakopane,
hundreds of miles from our apartment in Warsaw and at a
location we had never been before, I noticed something on the
chair next to the bed in our room.
On closer inspection Dean recognized the stone from my ring.
I have no idea how it appeared there on the seat of that chair.
Three weeks later we were back in Gdansk and the
jeweller replaced the entire ring for me.

Who says miracles don't still happen?


LisAway said...

STRANGE!! Wow. That really is very interesting. Small miracle. And I just love the range of color of amber! It's really fascinating, and neat to have a ring with three different shades.

Amidei's said...

What a great story sis. Can't wait to see the ring in person - it looks gorgeous.

JaneH said...

Miracles do happen. The ring is lovely,keep it safe. Love to read your posts.

Leslie Aldridge said...

Just goes to show that the Lord does watch out for those who are "On God's Errand" even in the small things. I know he is blessing you in many ways as you serve Him so diligently. We are proud of you two.

Derek and Becky said...

Wow. I have my own ring miracle story too. Check out our
It is great to see the two of you doing so well on your mission. We shall see you in July right?


SISTER! that's cute ring;)
you are the best sister do you know it?: )
i love you!

Tara said...

How awesome was that! What a neat miracle! I have a rng miracle too - I lost my diamond out of my wedding ring while mowing the lawn... later on Glenn found it on a cement slab. Funny huh?? So glad I came across your blog.. looks like you guys are really enjoying your mission.

anj said...

WOW, that is so amazing! things that make you go, hmmmmm? it is a lovely ring, i think all the gals in the fam should get one as a gift for christmas!!!! (hint, hint!) ;)