Thursday, August 28, 2008

Laundry Day

This is my washing machine.
It hides out in the bathroom.
It can hold about 5 shirts in one load
and takes about an hour and a half to run a cycle.First it rotates clockwise,
then stops for 5 seconds
and then rotates counterclockwise and stops.
Then repeats.
It's different than I'm used to,
but better than washing in the stream with a washboard.
This is my dryer.
It takes about 7 hours to dry!


jen said...

i've never been able to figure out why they go and then stop and then go and then stop. . .
but after a year and a half of washboarding it, i am happy for anything.

christine said...

when our dryer broke for awhile, i was so thankful for those clotheslines we have hanging up in our laundry room. can't imagine having to air dry clothes all the time! especially jeans. good thing you don't wear those too often!

Jus said...

exactly why you all need to come back here to the USA, so you can quit comparing bad laundry notes and start using a real washer and dryer!!! ;-)