Friday, August 8, 2008


This week was a special treat.
Our friends, Jim and Jann Crock came from the states
for a visit. One of the sights that we enjoyed
during their stay was Slovinski National Park on the
coast of the Baltic Sea in northern Poland.
Here you find a mammoth crescent-shaped dune of
fine, white sand.It's a 3 mile hike from the road into the dune,
well worth the effort.
The largest dune is named after the village that was
buried by the blowing sand.
Łącka Dune

I guess Colorado isn't the only place that can claim beautiful dunes.


Justin said...

Though I'm not sure what I'm most impressed with- the dunes, the town that was buried, or the fact that you were able to hike 3 miles!!! ;-)

Jann Crock said...

Jann said
Justin, little do you know, that we talked and talked and talked our way through those three miles. (We had a lot of catching up to do.) The dunes were just gorgeous.