Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Castle

When we went to Malbork Castle last week,
I looked for Rapunzel to see if she was locked away in the tower.
But, apparently she was rescued ages ago.

The moat is now dry, and the knights are long gone...

But, as the largest brick castle in Europe,
Malbork is truly a stunningly impressive castle.

It dates from the 14th century and was the stronghold for the
Teutonic Knights who invaded Poland.
Largely destroyed by the Germans in WWII,
it has been restored to much of its earlier glory.
However, the chapel is still in ruins, as you can see, and awaits restoration.

The windows were as elegant on the outside as the inside.
The dining hall served the knights and their ladies.
Dean and I think that we could rule
this little kingdom together and live happily ever after.


Jann Crock said...

You do look very happy sitting in that chair! All that is needed is a crown, a robe and a scepter to finish out the picture.

jen said...

aren't castles amazing?