Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Let me introduce you to Godfrey. He is the custodian and groundskeeper at the chapel here in Warsaw. He has a heart of pure gold!
Godfrey came to Poland four years ago as a political refugee from the country of Zimbabwe. He had to leave his family behind and cannot return. His wife and three children are still there trying to survive in that war torn country.
Shortly after Godfrey came to Warsaw he met the missionaries and became a member of the Church. He shared his feelings about it with his wife back home in Zimbabwe. She contacted the missionaries there and also joined the Church.
His greatest sorrow is not having his family with him and we all pray that some how, someday they can be reunited, but it's a very difficult and complicated task.

Yesterday, Godfrey turned 50. In his sweet humble way, he had no expectations of any recognition of this special day. That's what made it so fun to surprise him with a birthday party!

He has never had a birthday party before or blown out the candles on his own cake.

Soooooooooooo, then we decided to take him outside to play...

It was a perfect day for water balloon volleyball!

I hope that it made Godfrey's day.....cause it sure made mine!


christine said...

it sounds like the world needs more people like godfrey! that's so great that you did that for him, we hope he can be with his family again, too!

jen said...

what a sweet post. there are so many people like that in the world that make me wonder if i can ride their tails to heaven (at least for a visit!)

Jus said...

and i thought i had bad days....you know, the rough things: kids whine, diapers stink, house gets messy, have to mow lawn... its hard.