Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Our travels last week took us
to the lovely city of Wroclaw, where we viewed the Opera House, the Town Hall and the ancient market place. Although much of the city was a victim of
World War II,
the city center has been rebuilt in the
traditional style....buildings of myriad
hues, equisite gardens and
towering church steeples.

However, I have to admit...

I did find the people a little
bit peculiar.


JaneH said...

The buildings in the old world are so different than we have over here. They are beautiful. I did find the people a bit stiff, (ha,ha) What a great experience you are having to be able to have the time to take this all in.

jen said...

great pics mom. (although you really should always make them large-- they are small enough as it is. we need to be able to admire your work!)
and come on, you've got to LOVE the people! even the peculiar ones.