Friday, November 7, 2008

Safe Water

When we were in the MTC we were instructed on how important it was to drink only purified water. Only bottled water should be used, even for brushing our teeth. When we got to Poland, the mission doctor emphasized that even the water that we rinse our dishes in should be purified. Now of course we don't use bottled water for washing and rinsing dishes, so they taught us how purify it ourselves. You can boil it and then put it through a coffee strainer, or the more simple option is just to add a few drops of Clorox to the water. Naturally that sounded like the easier and more practical solution.

However, we've started noticing an attrition in
the number of clothes we can wear in public!

Somehow those couple of drops of Clorox find their way onto our clothes.

Even the pajamas have been
under attack.

What's a girl to do???
Go shopping, I guess!


JaneH said...

Hey! I have several that match yours. I once tryed saving a dress by splashing clorox all over it to make a tie-dyed look. It didn't work. Don't give up on purified water, we need you healthy.

christine said...

i have a few items that look like that because i wore them to clean the bathroom and thought i would just "be really careful". ha ha, those bleach drops are pretty sneaky. enjoy your shopping trip(s)!

Justin said...

Of course mom. Shopping is the perfect remedy for some money things. Especially for you.