Friday, June 13, 2008

The Wedding

Two of our favorite people were married yesterday.
In Poland you can only be married by the government or the
Catholic Church,
so the ceremony took place in an office building in front of a government official.
But, back at the chapel we prepared a wedding reception for this sweet couple,
Asia and Richard. It's a Polish tradition to throw rice and money at the couple.
Of course, little ones are always willing to
help pick up the coins.

For two days ahead we worked---
cutting fruit,
making sandwiches,
and even a
wedding cake!

They flew to London today to be
sealed in the temple there.
Congratulations and
Best Wishes!


JaneH said...

Looks like you are keeping in practice. More ideas for Mitch's

christine said...

what a fun diversion. she was lucky to have you helping, mom, you're so good at that kind of thing.