Friday, June 27, 2008

20 Things That Make Me Smile ...

This one is easy!
(Tagged by Christine)
2- Yellow roses
3-Chocolate chips and brown sugar in the mail
5-Toddlers in sun hats
6-A good country song
7-Christmas carols streaming all the way from Colorado Springs
8-Walking hand in hand with my husband
9-Fresh fruit sold on the street corner
10-Flowers blooming on my balcony
11-The clerk who speaks English
12-A frisbee
14-Mexican food
15-A visiting teacher who sends me a message every month all the way to Poland
16-Red sunsets
17-Pictures of my grandchildren
18-Descending numbers on the scale
19-A bargain
20-Recognition of my many blessings
Tag to all who have something to smile about!

1 comment:

Justin said...

Can't relate to some, but definately lovin thunderstorms...ah ya. complete with lots of lightening.