Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Path of Remembrance

The Path of Remembrance is found in the center of the former Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw. The Ghetto was created to contain the Jews during World War II. From this location, the Nazis deported 300,000 Jews to the death camps.
The design recalls the cattle trucks used for transportation.
The monument to the Ghetto heros depicts a procession of Jews
being driven to death camps
under the threat of Nazi bayonets.
This is all that remains of the wall that once enclosed 450,000 people.

Here the Jews lived in appalling condions and they were used as a source of
free labour for the Nazis.
More than 100,000 inhabitans died of starvation and disease.
In 1943, in an act of desperation, the Jewish Fighters Organization instigated an uprising. This monument symbolizes this heroic defiance, which was planned, not as a bid for liberty but as an honourable way to die. The relief depicts men, women and children struglling to flee the burning ghetto as the Germans suppress the uprising and demolish the entire neighbourhood.

A series of granite markers was erected in the late 1980's. Each is dedicated to an event or hero of the Ghetto with inscriptions in
Polish and Hebrew.

This marks the site of the bunker from which
Mordechaj Anielewicz
commanded the Ghetto Uprising. He blew up the bunker, committing suicide.

Janusz Korczak was another hero. He was a doctor who devoted his life to children. As the director of the Jewish orphange in Warsaw he gave his life and went voluntarily to the death camps at Treblinka with those children in his charge. Their names are enscribed on the Umschlagplatz Monument.


JaneH said...

It's hard to believe that man could be so inhumain and cruel to his fellow men. This is a good reminder, but quite depressing.

Justin said...

wow....crazy to be there in the middle of history. i remember visiting the holocaust museum in Jerusalem, from the jews point of view. it was a little sobering, but definately made wwii come alive from the history books.