Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where did those 10 lbs come from?

such a pleasant way to spend our time.
As we say our last goodbyes in Poland,
everyone wants to get together for a dinner.It's lovely! I haven't had to do much cooking
and we've really enjoyed the time spent
with our friends here.

The scales may be climbing,
but it's worth every pound to spend these
last few precious moments together.
TWO more meals out today.


jen said...

everyone loves you!!!
besides, it's good preparation for the 7 days of cruise gorging ahead. . . :)

dori_m said...

hello dear!:) sister banner, you will be my lovely and silly sister banner ever;)! i love you, and i would like to say a goodbye for you! ;) well, I would like to say that i love you , more!;)
take care!