Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Item #53

People often ask,
"What will you miss about Poland?"
Item #53 is the strawberries!

These are grown in the fields just outside of Warsaw
and the farmers race to see who can
have theirs to the marketplace first.
There are so sweet and delicious!

They are sold on virtually every street corner
and the price is RIGHT!

This week I bought 4 1/2 pounds for only $3.00!

So, it isn't any wonder that we've had
strawberries on Cheerios,
strawberries on waffles,
strawberry shortcake,
strawberry pie and of course,
strawberry tarts.



JaneH said...

Somewhere I missed Items # 1 to 52.
I can really understand #53, the berries look wonderful, and you pies look delicious. Wish we could share one with you.

christine said...

Those are making my mouth water! What great prices, too. Strawberries are my favorite! Enjoy them for all of us.

LisAway said...

Oh, the strawberries! YUM! I have only bought them a couple of times. I really need to have Greg pick some up every day for us. Mmmmmm!

LisAway said...

(I meant a couple of times this season) and what a waste!

kanishk said...

Strawberries are my favorite! Enjoy them for all of

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