Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Admit it!
You have made a wish on the
turkey wishbone.

Ever wonder where this tradition came from?
Probably not til this moment---but now that you have,
I'm going to share my research with you.
The Etruscans
(they lived in Italy 800 years BC) thought that

chickens had some powers of divination. When the hen died
they saved the clavicle, dried it and would
rub on it and make wishes.

The Romans brought the tradition when they
conquered England, and the

English colonists brought the tradition to America.
The term "get a lucky break"
originally applied to the person

winning the
"wishbone tug of war".

I even did some research on how to always win this
"tug of war".
The theory is that

you don't tug on the wishbone.
Just hold it firmly and
this will cause the OTHER person to do the tugging.
If they tug,
it will cause the wishbone to break at its
weakest point and you will

always win.
So, I decided to try out this theory...

As you can see, there were no winners
at our house this year,

but no one came away disappointed either.


JaneH said...

I think you are both winners

Amidei's said..., who's wish came true?

jen said...

duh, mom-- you shouldn't have shared the secret with the person you were up against!!!

Justin said...

great strategy and plan mom. too bad it goes like just about every other strategic plan- a failure. but at least you tried. :-)