Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st!

You never know what people
keep under their couches...

for us it was the perfect place to store our Christmas tree and ornaments.
So since today was the first day of December,
I figured that I had waited long enough
and we decorated the tree.

It only took 30 minutes.
It's tiny, but big enough to bring the season into our little apartment.
We're the first in the neighborhood to put up any decorations,
but I kind of like being a trend setter.
I'm sure the others were just waiting for someone to start.

Our nativity set is miniature too, but the
of our thoughts this Christmas season!


JaneH said...

Good for you guys. Getting in the holiday spirit. I wish I could decorate my tree in just 30 min. I do love putting up the decorations and it really doesn't seem like Christmas until you see the up.

jen said...

that tree needs some icicles!!

christine said...

jen beat me to it, i was going to joke about dad missing the icicles, too! that would have added another half hour at least, mostly spent picking them off your clothes! looks great, guys.