Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where the Wild Things Are

What is summer without at trip to the zoo? People around the world are fascinated by God's myriad creations---and the Warsaw Zoo has a diverse menagerie of creatures.
I love them all, but "granddaddy" was my absolute favorite!
Of course no zoo in Poland is complete without the stork.

The turtles were a "tight-knit" group.

These crocs posed all day!

Wish you had been
there to enjoy it too!


christine said...

looks like fun, the kids would've loved it. we'll have to plan a trip next summer before school starts!

jus said...

it does look like fun. we need to get out to the zoo, it's been a while. did you hear the story of those teenage boys in CA that were playing around and teasing the lions? they jumped over the wall, got out of their cage and killed 2 of the boys. thats my zoo story for the week...