Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Window on the World

The windows in Poland are amazing! Not only do they keep out the cold in the winter time and the heat in the summertime,
they are an engineering marvel.
If the handle is down, the window is locked.
Turn the handle sideways....
and you can open wide and let in the breeze.
Turn the handle up...
and only the top of it tips in toward the room.
How does that work???

Note however, that there are no screens on the windows, so you would think that the critters would be coming in with the sunshine all summer.
But, insects must not know how to fly up and in,
because, much to my surprise, they aren't really a problem.
Why haven't we got these in the States?


christine said...

wow, that is amazing. i wonder how they do that!

jen said...

and lucky for you you have no children to figure out how to get the window to swing on 1 hinge. (though i do have a husband that has mastered fixing that). i do love these windows.