Thursday, May 8, 2008


I've been tagged!!!

A-Attached or single: Very attached for 37 years

B-Best Friends: My husband, my kids, my parents, Jann

C-Cake or Pie: Neither-----brownies!

D-Day of choice: Everyday is a HOLIDAY...I'm retired!

E-Essential item: My makeup

F-Favorite color: emerald green

G-Gummy bears or worms: sour worms

H-Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

I-Indulgences: Pedicures, monthly haircuts, long, hot showers

J-January or July: July, its my birthday month

K-Kids: 6 charming, intelligent, talented and beautiful ones. 3 boys and 3 girls

L-Life is not complete without: Dean

M-Marriage Date: Aug. 21st, 1971

N-Number of siblings: 4---2 brothers and 2 sisters

O-Oranges or apples: sweet, juicy oranges

P-Phobias or fears: spiders, falling

Q-Quotes: Families Are Forever

R-Reason to smile: My cute grandchildren

S-Season: Autumn, when the leaves crunch and the peaches are ripe

T-Tag 3 people: Everybody

U-Unknown fact about me: I want to learn to play the harp.

V-Very favorite store: Christmas Tree Shop in Maine

W-Worst habit: Reading in bed

X- X-ray or Ultrasound: X-ray

Y-Your favorite food: medium-well done steak and loaded baked potato

Z-Zodiac: Leo

Your turn!

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sydney said...

I didn't know that you wanted to learn how to play the harp!!!cool grandma!