Thursday, February 9, 2017

Today is our P-day (Preparation Day) and we are pretty much snowed in❆, so thought I would get on line and bring everyone up to date on our activities.  Normally we would be driving up to Vestal, a suburb on Binghamton, NY to do our shopping  for the week and had even planned to see a movie this afternoon, but the roads are a bit dicey since we received a half foot of snow and the wind continues to blow and drift, so we cleaned our house instead and will just stay in warm and cozy today.  I put a nice pot of soup in the crockpot and we'll watch a movie here at home.  It should be a fun relaxing day and we'll catch up the shopping another day.

Our days are pretty slow this time of year---not many travelers through here in January and February, but we gave 3 tours yesterday and the weekends are busier.  They say this is the lull before the onslaught that will begin next month.  We're expecting 50,000 visitors this year!  So we don't mind the quiet periods now.  We usually are at the site for 6 hours, 6 days a week.  That will increase to 7 hours a day and this summer it will be 8 hours.  The homes that we take people through are about 1/4 mile from the visitor center, so we get in quite of bit of walking on busy days, but we enjoy that.  Some days are pretty chilly, so I'm really glad that I bought a long down coat and warm boots.  They have served me well already.

This is the home Joseph and Emma lived in while here in Harmony, Pennsylvania.  It's a reconstruction and is one of the homes that we take people through.

Here Dean is sweeping Emma's floor. It gets kinda dirty with the groups of people filing through.

Our new director arrived about three weeks ago.  We are enjoying getting to know the Elder and Sister Abney.  They are from Spanish Fork, Utah.  She was a school teacher and he was in the military (special forces).  We were sad to say goodbye to the Walkers, they were wonderful directors and will be missed.
                                     Elder and Sister Abney with Elder and Sister Walker.

This is the Visitor Center and the Priesthood Restoration Site.  It's a lovely building and we spend lots of hours here.

One of our favorite things to do is spend time with the young sister missionaries.  They are so vibrant, cheerful, talented and a joy to serve with.  We love having them over for dinner when we can.

Dinner with Sister Young, Sister Larsen and Sister Mayer (from Chile) in our kitchen.

We feel so blessed and privileged to be here in this sacred place.  Our testimonies have only gotten deeper and stronger.


o charm said...

Love seeing the pictures of the places! Can't believe how big the visitor's centre is. What are they basing the model of the Smith home on? Did they have drawings?

Andrea Banner said...

Keep on posting!! Love seeing pictures of the different sites. Looks very cold!! ☃️��❄️

lindsay said...

The pictures of the sites are really cool, be fun to see more of those!! So happy that you guys are liking so much and getting in a good routine. Sure do miss you guys!