Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's More Fun Than A Birthday Party!

It wasn't exactly their birthdays yet...
but close enough!
So we decided to celebrate while Milla and Avi were here this week.

2 candles for Avi---
and 4 for Milla.With a twinkle in her eye...
Avi talked about the cake all weekend
Milla's favorite part was opening the presents!
I think we should have got two pairs of glass slippers.
The tutu was the hit of the day!!!
But for us---
the best part was just celebrating them!


jen said...

i need some of these photos! my camera was in the car! and i know i still owe you some. i promise they will come. thanks for such a great party! tough act to follow. ..

Justin said...

cute little girls. can't believe how old they look. will be fun to have them out this holiday...

JaneH said...

You Guys are great grandparents. Well maybe you are to young to be great grandparents. You are SUPER GRANDPARENTS.