Sunday, April 6, 2008

Memories of Berlin

Not much remains where
"the Wall"
once stood
It's marked through the city
by a simple line---reminding
others that it once carved across this street,
separating neighbors

and Checkpoint Charlie
is only a place to have
your picture taken.
But, this impressive Jewish memorial
was built directly over
Hitler's bunker,
to remind us all of the
terrible tragedy of World War II.

And the bullet holes
remaining on this
building represent the
scars of a tragic
period in the world's history.
May we be ever vigilant
that it will never be repeated.


the kennedy family said...

it's cool to see pictures of all those places we've only ever heard about. thanks for sharing them.

jen said...

it's always so amazing to me that such things happened in the western world so recently. you remember it! and we will only be able to visit places like that and imagine. . .