Friday, January 25, 2008

I've Always Kept a Clean House

This is my bedroom. As you can see, it's not very large and you wouldn't think it would be difficult to keep clean. But, it's impossible!
This is what I swept up off of the floor this morning.....and
this is what I swept up 5 minutes later! I can't figure out where it comes from.????? My mother would probably just say, "Do a better job of sweeping the first time." But, I say,
"Why bother?"


JaneH said...

I say "Do better job of sweeping the first time"
Also you make a very lumpy bed. Didn't I teach you anything?
I love it.

jen prokhorov said...

i say, it's time for a vacuum!!!

the Kennedy family said...

yeah, we have one of those vacuums that is also an air purifier, might come in handy over there! Too funny.

Lindsay Van Orden said...

mom, that's awesome. pure comedy. i say, make the man do the sweeping! :)